Thanks For Making Me Smile Again

I started this day with tears.
But it’s nice when i look around, i have beloved friends.
With their silly-stupid-acts made me laugh (again).

Yap, i will survive.
This storm will be over and the sun will shine again ^^.
Brings the brightest light ever.

Bring me back to my home, to my mom, to my final destination.

Keep smiling ^^

The God’s Plan

Do you know what i figured out today?
Maybe God has a bigger plan for me than i had for myself.
Like, this journey never ends. -Jamie (A Walk To Remember)-

And i am feeling the same.

This journey never ends.
This journey never ends.

I got other nice quotes too:

Landon : are you scared?
JamieĀ  : to death? no. Im scared of not being with you.
Landon : oh baby, that will never happen

Love is always patient and kind,
It’s never jealous.
Love is never boastful or conceited.
It’s never rude or selfish.
It doesn’t take offense and is not resentful.

Nice movie ^^.

Keep Going ^^

For choosing a wrong way on the cross road, doesn’t mean i will not arrive in my destination.
It just brings me to see the other part of the world.
And gives me a countless experience.

For making wrong doesn’t mean the end of my struggle.
It just teaches me to be wiser, and not to make a same mistake.

The end of one road is not really the end of the journey.
It will lead me to the other path, another way.

End of the road sometime leads us to the more beautiful place
End of the road sometime leads us to the more beautiful place