Little Things About You

You’re the most-awful-rude-person, but always tell the truth.
The most words that out of your mouth are about fact, purpose, and ruction
But you never try to hurt others, and me.
You’re accompanying me when i got insomnia.
You asked me to talk, but you blamed me when you forgot where’s the place
and said that i talked much in the car.
You’re always beside me when i looked the books on the shelves in the bookstore.
You pulled my hand when i was too busy to see the game.
You said i better ask you to finish Master Degree than to say or do some romantic stuffs.
You stared at me, touched the nose part of my glasses and said that i have a snub nose.
But all of the things that you did, that you do, almost never hurt me.

You’re my sunshine after the rain
You’re my cure against my fear and my pain



6 pemikiran pada “Little Things About You

  1. heheheheh

    santai ndul..uda diekspos ajah nih…hihih :p
    semoga langgeng ya..*oy om..mpit uda siap lahir batin lho..huahahahhaha*

    *iya2, ak tau km mau makasi ke aku, sama2 ya jeng..hihih 😛

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