How To Assign Release Strategy

Yesterday I got an order to maintain release strategy for training occasion for MM Module. When the user wanted to do release PR, the release strategy tab didn’t appear. Release PR just can be accessed by the authorities. This case came from my experience, so if you find the same problem I don’t know if it will work or not.

So, here are the steps:

  1. Use tcode CL24N that used to Assign Objects/Classes to Class.
  2. Fill the class. Caused by the problem appeared on release strategy for PR, so I used CEBAN (Purchase Requisition Release Strategy) table (additional info) and fill class type with 032 (release strategy).
  3. Click on “only new assignments” and select “Release Strategy” when pop up window appears.
  4. Fill the Release Group and Release Strategy columns and press enter.
  5. Tab “Value for current class” will appear and we have to fill the value of each characteristic description that listed.
  6. Save it.
To check if steps above work or not, create PR and try to release it. To create PR we can use tcode ME51N and to release it use tcode ME54N. For user that don’t get used to SAP, small step will make them confused. If Release Strategy tab appears but the release indicator doesn’t  , maybe you forget to change from “display mode” to “change mode”. You can click on  button.

That’s all from me. Hope I can learn more.


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