Welcoming June

Q: So, what happened in May 2011?
A: I started enjoying my time to get hired by this company.
Q: How could it happen?
A: Because I had many things to do, got incoming calls, messages and emails. I learn to make fast decision and take the responsibility, it’s not easy and always succeed to make my heart beating and my head thinking faster.
Q: So, what is the distinction about that things?
A: I am happy when I am busy, many lesson learned 🙂
Q: What are the differences with your previous time?
A: Less time for blogging, chatting, youtubing, googling beside things that related with work, easier to forget things that need high quality distraction from my past and I feel awesome bout this *evil laugh* *ups, sorry*
Q: What about the pocketmoney and your deficit?
A: It doesn’t bother me as much as I thought, money isn’t everything and I’ve passed 6 months well (I guess) 😀

Even though sometimes I have to go home late, I don’t mind to do so because I keep thinking that it’s a part of my learning process. Six months have passed by, there’s nothing hard when we do it with heart :).

Q: Have something else beside your work?
A: Feel wrapped with love.
Q: Err.. do you mean “galau”?
A: Hahaha, no. Galau-ing is just a colour of my day.
Q: What kind of things that can make you feel fabulous?
A: My sister named her first child with the name that I proposed :D. She has 5 words for her name *envy*, and 2 of them came from me, awesome! I hope my niece will have awesome personality as good as her name. Beside that, I still have other countless happiness for sure.
Q: Will you write as frequent as before?
A: I’ll try to because lately there’s nothing I’ll do but sleep when I reach my room, just feel so exhausted.

Okay, be happy with June then;).


Habis maen komen dong :D

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