Long Distance Relationship

Hmm, what should i write down over here? I just keep staring at my monitor and don’t know what to do, but i have many things to tell here hehehehe. Weird ^^

LDR, not that easy to keep moving on this term. But i have to face the truth, i must go far away from my bf’s side. It’s hard, but we’re still fine. For the first three months, we fought many times ahahaha. Maybe that was caused by the lack of communications and attentions. I was sulky frequently, umm maybe because i used to be spoiled to him and he’s not here around me anymore.

We have a relationship for 3 years, not a short time to build a relationship. Isn’t it?. We’re passing a terrible and hard time, especially he’s finishing his final paper and i can’t do anything to help him. It makes me feel guilty sometime, but i have to move here to work and learn to be independent.

To decrease the-intensity-of-fighting-time, we decided to increase our communications. He sends sms (because i feel too lazy to type on my cellphone hihihi), chat via YM, and he calls me everynight. And those things work. Then, I can see the positive points behind the-suck-LDR-things. Both of us can do many activities and have more-self-time, for example:

  • i can hang out with my friends
  • i can read many books
  • i can do women-activity (goes to beauty clinic hihihi)
  • he found his other talent, in photography ^^
  • he can finish his work faster, because i am not around to disturb him hihihi

Happiness is just a state of mind, likewise with the point of view. Behind the terrible things, you can get the positive points. Behind the good things, you can see the negativities. It would be better if we focus to reach our dreams and keep struggling this time, than think about something useless.

No matter how long the distance seperates us, as long as we have a same destination we will arrive in the same place.


4 pemikiran pada “Long Distance Relationship

  1. “No matter how long the distance seperates us, as long as we have a same destination we will arrive in the same place”

    wueee dalem pek dalem kata-katanya…
    *duh geje nih mpit, ngapain ya?

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