Hail The Freedom Day

Yihaaa, i have a good news. Tomorrow will be the last day of C-Terrible-Programming-Class. Hihihihi. I love it. Basically, im interested to learn C or others programming languages, but not in this way (i cant tell you bout this). Im not a fast learner, and i need time to understand a thing.

To celebrate the freedom, i’ll watch movies, read novel and comics that i neglected during attendance the C Class. I expect nothing from the C final test, which will be held tomorrow. But i’ll give my effort on it.

Other news, i heard that Angel and Demon movie will be launched on May 15th. Im very very exited to watch it in movie theater even though i havent finished read the novel. It would be better if i watch it in XXI Cinema hihii.


Habis maen komen dong :D

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