Woman and Career

Until this time, i am still confused about the boundaries of women emancipation, the issue that’s used by women to get the same right especially on career field. 21th April is commemorated as Kartini Day, the woman who fought for the women emancipation.

Previously, on Raden Ayu Kartini era, women didn’t have right to get a good education. They just stayed at home and belong to bedroom, kitchen and draw-well. You can read about Kartini on this link. I am writing this, just want to share my opinion, no offense. I just want to write something from my thought, as a woman.

Nowadays, many men are asking about the natural tendency of a woman, because there’re a lot of career women. Is it right to choose for being a career woman than being a housewife? I can’t give you a good answer, because it depends on the person and the situation. I’ll give you some reasons why i need to have my own job, especially my own earning.

  1. I need to have a community and environmental associations. I mean, if I just be a housewife, I can’t get much information and experiences about many things. In office, me and my friends can share our thought and vision about something.
  2. There’s no guarantee from my future husband to fulfill the household necessities. Then, I have to stand and support my (future) husband. I don’t want something bad to happen neither to my children nor my marriage that’s caused by my weak financial foundation.
  3. There’re already a lot of cases that bother me, a husband can leave his wife and children just for another or others woman. Nice case that scare me, some women are married by jerks. Then, the wife will be taking care of the children, and covering all of the needs including the education’s cost. What will happen if the wife doesn’t have a job?.
  4. If I have an earning, I can spend it to do many things without bothering my (future) husband earning that will be used to cover the household necessities. I don’t want to add burden on his solder to fund my shopping expenses.
  5. If I have a job from now on and keep it going, I can fight for reaching a better career and better earning. Then, when my children are growing up in the next several years, I already have a good job and earning, I hope. And, I can take care of them without the feeling of guilty or worry about their future.
  6. As long as I am single, I can help others or try to make my family happy with what I’ve got.

Yap, that’s all. But, it’s not right if a woman just focus to her career, and ignore her family.

Don’t go against the nature as a woman.


Let’s Help Others

Morning all..

Thank you for reading this post. With humility, i would like to invite you to share our lucks, happiness and cheerfulness. Maybe, you haven’t found a way to give your charity to the right place. Hereby, i am glad to let you know this links (c3friend and YSDF) and hopefully we can do something for our unlucky brothers and sisters outside.

Just look at their sincere faces, which are filled with hope for you kindness and attentions. If you have time, just visit them. You can spend your time together for once, and you’ll want it much more :). Our burdens are nothing, you’ll get unsaid happiness ever.

Holiday Syndrome

I miss you, my bedroom. I miss lying down on my bed. I miss playing word challenge and browsing something for hours in front of my laptop. I miss sleeping and waking up as late as possible too.

I felt so sleepy at 9 am this morning and i just want to close my eyes and fell asleep, nothing else. It is so hard to do everything while feeling drowsy and sleepy. I made a cup of coffee, but it didn’t bring a good effect to help me.

All of those feelings is called holiday syndrome.

My New Pals

I went to Mall Metropolitan Bekasi aka MM with my friends at my boarding house. We went there at 11 AM when the sun was shining brightly. I kept going there because i didn’t go to somewhere on my 1st and 2nd holiday. And on my 3rd day, i needed to go to office (and i told you that i love to do it although i needed more than 2 cups of coffee to make me awake ^_*).

The 1st plan, i accompanied Mas Gde to observe the price of Samsung i780 there and i want to buy JCO too (for a reason that i cant tell ^o^), and the 2nd plan was looking for a speaker hihihi (the cheap one for a good thing). And i got it all, both JCO and the speaker. This speaker completes my room and will accompany me to spend my night hehehe, so lovely.

In this afternoon, i got a packet and it’s labeled with jakartanotebook. It’s a surprise, hafiz bought a flashdisc and addressed it to my boarding house as a gift. I love it, simple thing but useful and lovable. It’ll save a lot of movies from my office ahahaha.

Now, late night already, i must take a rest because i will start my routine activities tomorow. Im so sleepy from waiting him to go home. He went to kondangan and now he’s dating with his boyfriend 😀 . I cant wait anymore. Gnite all.. Sleep tight..

In The Morning Sun

Sunday morning, im sitting down on the terrace. The sun appears and shed the light, give me warmth. The wind blows my face softly. What a beautiful life..

Today is the last day of my long weekend. I woke up earlier (at 6.30 am ^0^ ), and bring my laptop to the terrace. I want to sunbathe, and browse for songs on youtube. I get one beautiful song from Ricardo Munoz (again), the title is “In The Morning Sun”. I recommend you to listen this song ^^.

I love to wake up in the morning and breath in the fresh air. I can feel the might of God, the fineness of nature and sky. Outside, i can get better internet connection too ^_*.

Happy holiday everybody. I keep playing with my laptop and browsing, maybe i can find the way to join with a social community. One of my dream..

My Personality

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Ahahaha, am i a social butterfly? I really love it ^_*.

ESFJ – The “Supporter”

ESFJs are social butterflies that value relationships, supporting and nurturing others. Never one to shy away from social events, they are often the host. They are great encouragers of teamwork. ESFJs are responsible, dutiful, observe traditions and follow rules. ESFJs have a deep concern for others and often end up as caretakers. They are sensitive to criticism and have a need to be appreciated for the good they do for others. ESFJs are understanding, generous, have a quick wit and a knack for composition and beautification.

Harapan Itu..

Jadi juga hari minggu kemaren maen ke Dharmais Cancer Hospital bersama beberapa teman untuk mengunjungi adek-adek di sana. Kami membawa kaos polos dan cat supaya mereka bisa menggambar di atas kaos itu.  Ini pertama kalinya aku melakukan kegiatan seperti ini. Rasanya…. sungguh membahagiakan.

Melihat tangan mereka digelayuti selang infus, miris rasanya, iba. Tapi mereka sungguh luar biasa. Di usia semuda itu, sudah merasakan berjuang melawan maut. Sedangkan di luar sana, banyak orang yang menyia-nyiakan kesempatan hidupnya dan berfikir bahwa dia sedang menanggung beban berat, lebih berat dari siapapun. Yang sesungguhnya beban itu gada apa-apanya dibanding dengan perjuangan hidup mati adek-adek di Dharmais.

Sherly, balita 3 tahuanan yang sedang lucu-lucunya. Harusnya anak seusia dia tengah senang-senangnya berlarian ke sana sini. Tapi kenyataan berkata lain, dia harus menjalani waktu bermainnya dengan ditemani kain masker di lorong ruangan anak Dharmais.

Ada juga Ikhsan. Kira-kira udah SMP. Waktu kami dateng, Ikhsan baru kelar di kemo. Badannya kurus, ga bisa ngomong juga. Kulit di sekitar lehernya juga mengelupas. Kata mas Deny (volunteer di sana) efek kemo itu juga memberikan dampak negatif lain bagi penderita, seperti rambut rontok dan sariawan yang bejibun di mulut sampai ke tenggorokan. Bayangin aja, 1 sariawan di bibir aja udah perih rasanya, trus gimana rasa sakit yang tengah dihadapi Ikhsan.

I just want to hug them, stroke their hair, and say “everything is gonna be okay, dont worry…”.

Orang tua adek-adek itu pun sungguh-sungguh luar biasa. Ada seorang bapak bercerita gimana usahanya mencari 30 kantong darah untuk anaknya yang baru kelar di kemo. Si bapak menghubungi rekan-rekan dan saudaranya, sayangnya hanya 15 orang yang bisa menyumbangkan darah untuk sang anak. Lalu si bapak pergi ke PMI, mencari kantong-kantong darah yang memberikan sedikit harapan untuk memperpanjang kebersamaannya dengan sang anak di dunia. Jika kalian punya kesempatan untuk mendonorkan darah, donorkanlah. Karena kantong-kantong darah itu akan menyelamatkan nyawa orang lain.

Aku juga melihat foto-foto yang ditempel di sana. Ada 1 bagian yang bertuliskan “In Memoriam”. Aku berusaha memahami apa yang mereka rasakan saat melihat satu persatu temannya meninggalkan mereka, kemudian fotonya dipajang di sana. Seperti antrian, bahwa suatu saat (mungkin) tiba juga giliran mereka. Aku tak mampu membayangkan, ketakutan seperti apa yang tengah mereka lawan. Harapan dan semangat hidup adalah obat yang cukup mujarab untuk memperpanjang sampai entah ke titik mana keberadaan mereka di tengah-tengah keluarga.

Dan kehangatan mereka menyambut kami di tengah kesulitan dan kesedihan yang teramat, membuatku ingin kembali ke sana. Mereka sangat hangat, santun. Aku hampir melinangkan air mata saat berpamitan dan memberikan kotakan-kotakan kue kecil itu. Satu persatu dari mereka mencium tangan kami dan mengucapkan terima kasih. Padahal kami tidak melakukan sesuatu yang berharga.

“I have cancer, but the cancer doesn’t have me.