I Was A Better Mom Before I Had Kids (via 4 Mothers)

Soon after I saw the title, I was a better mom before I had kids, I clicked and read this post. Actually, from the title I can imagine about the things to say by the author. I already have plans for (future) my children and this post makes me worry about what if I ruin my plans. But this makes me realize, it wont be easy to raise children.

Before I had children I was a great mom.

When my husband and I decided that we were going to start a family I was confident that I would be a “great mom”.  I naively felt that I had the credentials to back up my bold assumption.  After all I hold a university degree that includes many courses in child development and psychology and after graduating from my undergrad, I went on and completed my teaching degree with emphasis on grades kindergarten to six.

I have spent hours reading books on how the mind of a child works.  I have researched papers about the inner workings of a child’s psyche.  I used to be current on the research about TV watching and intelligence, which foods were toxic and how to cultivate well rounded, thoughtful individuals.

I think back to those cocky days, when my patience was intact and sleep deprivation meant pulling one all-nighter and having to work in the morning.

For those with kids: I don’t have to explain how my preconceptions about what life with kids would be like and the world as I knew it simultaneously shattered after my children were born.

For those of you without kids (who just read over this list with the same bravado that I once had):  read my top ten “Before I Had Kids” list and memorize it.  It will come back to haunt you.

Before I had kids I was . . .

  1. Never going to let my kids sleep in my bed.
  2. Never going to allow the T.V. to be on while we ate meals.
  3. Never going to bribe my children to be on their best behaviour.
  4. Never going to applaud/cheer when my child peed in the toilet.
  5. Never going to allow my kids to have a dirty face, dirty hands or wear dirty clothes in public.
  6. Never going to leave the house looking like a disheveled mess (i.e. hair a mess, track pants, no make-up, etc.)
  7. Never going to use the T.V. as a babysitter so I could: a) have a shower b) talk on the phone c) do anything else for myself.
  8. Never going to lose my cool during a temper tantrum.
  9. Never going to feed my children anything less than the healthiest, most organic, delicious food.

10. Never going to give them a B.S. answer to any of their questions, no matter how challenging the answer

would be, no matter how uncomfortable I would be, no matter how long the conversation needed to go on.

To all of you mothers and fathers, what are some of the things you promised you would never do as a parent that you have found yourself doing since having children?

Taken from 4 Mothers.