Jakarta and The Things I Hate About

Things that amaze me when I visited Phuket and could be never happen here were:

  1. People around there used horn rarely. It made the city so peaceful.
  2. They completely applied “queue” term. When I had to use toilet, people who came first stood in a line and not in front of each door in the toilet. If a door opened, then the first person in queue would get her turn.

I can say that people here use horn excessively. Why you don’t try to be patient just for a bit? It drives me crazy and mad every time I hear people pressing their horn repeatedly. It makes me want to hit them with baseball stick >_<.

Hey, smokers, this city isn’t yours! How could you throw your cigarette ash out of your window innocently? Do you ever think about sin that you’ve made for being a selfish person and harm others?

And the last one is thing that happen most of the time when I am in Jakarta. I keep asking myself, why it’s hard to trust people there? and I feel bad about this, honestly. I know it’s not nice, but I can’t restrain my head for thinking something bad could happen if I don’t keep my eyes open (except if I’m in a bus, I sleep often).