Picture Perfect Memories

He was the handkerchief that swept her tears away. He was the candy who sweetened her gloomy days. He was the umbrella when the sun shined too bright and hurt her. He did everything more than everyone could imagine to make her days seemed right.

She was his everything, a pensive which could be used to tell his secrets, a mom who could cuddle him,
a friend to share weird thought of him, a brother, a sister, a living partner, and many other things.

Theirs was perfect.

But she kept walking away far from the orbit, the place where she should stay. She ran faster than he could do. They were separated by fate, by the path that was chosen before. They had broken hearts that needed a new line to make a start. They promised to meet 2 years later at a shelter in the down town. They needed time to heal the hurt feeling.

Time passed by. “No one came here” the shelter took the stand, broken vow was made there. Her dreams cost separation.

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