What Did You Do on Saturday?

At my previous working place, my manager asked about our activities on weekend often. Suddenly, in the middle of my idle time, I remembered about that again. I would have an easy answer for him if he asked me about this on next Monday :p.

I woke up late this morning. My body works on this automatically. On weekdays, I wake up before 5 am and this thing will not happen on weekend. Then, I put together my passion for bathing, but chose to have breakfast first. Took a bath, played angry birds, worked on my side job and those steps were repeated until evening :)).

This thing reminds me about my talk with my friend yesterday.

fitri : kerjaanku baru kelar 4 masih kurang 16 ebuset
rizka : sabtu minggu hmm besok target brp? :D
fitri : kelaaaaar
rizka : hihihi seharian brarti?
fitri : iya keknya hahaha suram
rizka : hooh
fitri : ini aja wes ketap ketip
rizka : pantesan kamu awet jomblo #digampar :lol:
fitri : :lol:
rizka : padahal lho bayangken daerah setia budi
fitri : jomblo karir
rizka : tempat banyak esmud keren2 :D
fitri : :lol:
fitri : tak nang anomali wes
rizka : disini mah buruh pabrik semua gada esmud :lol:

Have a nice weekend, all :). Holiday comes to those who wait :lol:.


Habis maen komen dong :D

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