So Be Careful With What You Wish For

It has been nearly two weeks since my last post here. I think if this blog is really a house, it would be a house full of cobwebs. So, how’s thing going? Pretty well? Good then, I am happy to hear from you again ;). Lately I was being terribly busy with my jobs. It haunted me all day and night long, till I didn’t get proper time to sleep and got sick. But I am getting better right now.

To make it related with the title, I’d like to share my experiences about my words that were granted by God.

“So be careful what you wish for,cause you just might get it and not know what to do wit’ it. Cause it might just come back on you ten-fold” eminem.

Sometimes me and my closest friends are making jokes by talking about people who stole our attentions and we called them “our living caffeine”. We don’t mean anything but adoring some parts of them that are used in a good way, such as their brilliant brain and inner beauty.

In short, I ever said “What if God gives me 24 hours to be spent with the person?”, without thinking much. And voila, I had to spend my time in a day, since morning till evening with the person but not in a “nice way”. Maybe another day, I will say in specific sentences how the togetherness should be spent #gakapok.

I also ever asked about a side job, so I can fill my time productively. And it happened, I got my wish until I couldn’t handle it and got sick. So, I said to my client that I can’t take the next job which has tight schedule because I was not in a possible way to continue the work.

I’ve warned you, be careful then ;).Baca selebihnya »


How To Assign Release Strategy

Yesterday I got an order to maintain release strategy for training occasion for MM Module. When the user wanted to do release PR, the release strategy tab didn’t appear. Release PR just can be accessed by the authorities. This case came from my experience, so if you find the same problem I don’t know if it will work or not.

So, here are the steps:

  1. Use tcode CL24N that used to Assign Objects/Classes to Class.
  2. Fill the class. Caused by the problem appeared on release strategy for PR, so I used CEBAN (Purchase Requisition Release Strategy) table (additional info) and fill class type with 032 (release strategy).
  3. Click on “only new assignments” and select “Release Strategy” when pop up window appears.
  4. Fill the Release Group and Release Strategy columns and press enter.
  5. Tab “Value for current class” will appear and we have to fill the value of each characteristic description that listed.
  6. Save it.
To check if steps above work or not, create PR and try to release it. To create PR we can use tcode ME51N and to release it use tcode ME54N. For user that don’t get used to SAP, small step will make them confused. If Release Strategy tab appears but the release indicator doesn’t  , maybe you forget to change from “display mode” to “change mode”. You can click on  button.

That’s all from me. Hope I can learn more.

Welcoming June

Q: So, what happened in May 2011?
A: I started enjoying my time to get hired by this company.
Q: How could it happen?
A: Because I had many things to do, got incoming calls, messages and emails. I learn to make fast decision and take the responsibility, it’s not easy and always succeed to make my heart beating and my head thinking faster.
Q: So, what is the distinction about that things?
A: I am happy when I am busy, many lesson learned 🙂
Q: What are the differences with your previous time?
A: Less time for blogging, chatting, youtubing, googling beside things that related with work, easier to forget things that need high quality distraction from my past and I feel awesome bout this *evil laugh* *ups, sorry*
Q: What about the pocketmoney and your deficit?
A: It doesn’t bother me as much as I thought, money isn’t everything and I’ve passed 6 months well (I guess) 😀

Even though sometimes I have to go home late, I don’t mind to do so because I keep thinking that it’s a part of my learning process. Six months have passed by, there’s nothing hard when we do it with heart :).

Q: Have something else beside your work?
A: Feel wrapped with love.
Q: Err.. do you mean “galau”?
A: Hahaha, no. Galau-ing is just a colour of my day.
Q: What kind of things that can make you feel fabulous?
A: My sister named her first child with the name that I proposed :D. She has 5 words for her name *envy*, and 2 of them came from me, awesome! I hope my niece will have awesome personality as good as her name. Beside that, I still have other countless happiness for sure.
Q: Will you write as frequent as before?
A: I’ll try to because lately there’s nothing I’ll do but sleep when I reach my room, just feel so exhausted.

Okay, be happy with June then;).

Some Kind of Miracles (Then Which of The Favours of Your Lord Will You Deny?)

I never know if things that happened in several days ago were related or not, but I am a believer that something happens for reasons and causality does exist. My expectation by writing this is maybe one or two readers can learn something, including me :).

So, someone did something that unrelated with me at all, but somehow it bothered me. In my mind at the time “why are you trying so hard to look cool?”. I told my close friends about this, because it was hard to keep that thing for myself.

Didn’t take a long time, I realized that I was wrong by saying that thing (even though the person didn’t know bout this) and I felt terribly guilty. I didn’t know what to do to make my guilty feeling less. So I went to mushola and prayed, but it didn’t enough to make me feel better. I kept thinking, what should I do?

I promised to myself I won’t do the same thing, or at least I will try to be nicer person. Lesson learned, guilty feeling tortures me well. Several minutes later, I decided to make an alms by sending some money. Case closed and I hoped nothing but forgiveness.

On the next days, I was busy: be a trainer assistant (to help the user) and went to subsidiary. Out of my plan and expectation, I was paid. And the nominal? Nearly close with ten times of the money that I transfered as an alms. Actually, I got more than 10 times because I got free meals and lunch for a week.

“Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?”, I did mistake and He gives me blessing.

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