Move To New Boarding House

Yay, finally i’ll move to another boarding house for woman, after passed 9 months in mixed-boarding house. Too fast, but im happy because i’ll face a new environment and get a better room and furniture ^^, even though the price is more expensive than the old one. This afternoon i will need a lot of energy to lift and move all of my stuff. Hell yeah, do somebody there want to help me?.

Let me think, what are my stuff?. Hmm, clothes, laptop, speakers, dolls (penguin mavioso ohohoho), books, cosmetics, bathing equipments, a big bookcase, carpet, doormat, this one, that one. Huaaa too much. Keep fighting!!. Pray for me guys ^^.

move move
hoosh hoosh ^^


According to The Sage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus:

Happiness (noun) :

  1. Emotions experienced when in a state of well-being.
  2. State of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

And what do you think bout happiness?

Like i said before, happiness is just a state of mind. If your mind says that you’re unhappy even though there’s no bad thing that happened, you’ll feel empty, get mad without a reason, get angry, pain and uncomfortable feeling. You will waste lot of energy to deal with that crappy feeling. Not only will it give bad effect to yourself, it will affect to others around you too.

Otherwise, if you get something bad, problems, pressures etc, that make you feel unhappy and you have reason to get mad or grumble, but your mind still can find something good behind all the sucky things, then you can feel the happiness.

Lately, i get angry actually, and i have a good reason to get mad. But i keep that feeling inside, train my self to control my emotion, and cool down. I sit down on my chair and listen to music (soundtrack of Boys Over Flowers), and those things work. I think if im angry and can’t control my mouth, i could tell rough words and finally i’ll regret it.

If i feel unhappy, mad or get something worse, i have several ways to get out from that-unhappy-feeling.

  1. Listen to music.
  2. Watch movies.
  3. Read books (esp. novel)
  4. Read blogs.
  5. Go to my kingdom and live my imagination. Something that i can’t reach in this real-world, i can get in my kingdom. No one could disturb or destroy it from my mind.

Take a deep breath, smile, and live your life ^^. There are no advantages for being sad and unhappy . Wake up, wake up..


I took the pic from here.

알고있나요 By Someday

Boys Over Flowers
Boys Over Flowers

This is one of Korean tv series “Boys Over Flowers” soundtrack. After passed much ordinary days, finally i have something to be waited for, time to go home ^^. Because i just want to know the stories more and more. This serial is adopted from a famous Japanese manga series “Hana Yori Dango”. This hit comic series has already been adopted into TV dramas in Japan and Taiwan (Meteor Garden).

알고있나요 (Algoiinayo) By Someday
난 햇살에 눈이 부신
싱그런 아침이 오면
사랑에 눈을뜨며 노랠 해요
오직 그대 하나만 위해서

For You I love you only you!
설레이는 맘 가득해
향기로운 커피보다 부드러운
내 숨결로 그대를 보아요

아나요 그대는 느끼죠 그대도
가슴이 말하고 있는 사랑이란걸요
들려요 이제는 보아요 이제는
꽃보다 더 아름다운 수줍은 마음을

날 바라봐요 나의 손을 꼭 잡아요
행복한 기분이죠 눈부신 운명이죠
사랑의 향기에 미소지어요

난 바람이 불어 오면
살며시 두 눈을 감고
사랑해 주문처럼 속삭여요
이런 내맘 느낄 수 있도록

그대 내눈을 보아요
설레이는 맘 가득해
마법같은 키스처럼 따사로운
나의 마음을 이제는 보아요

아나요 그대는 느끼죠 그대도
가슴이 말하고 있는건 사랑이란걸요

들려요 이제는 보아요 이제는
꽃보다 더 아름다운 수줍은 마음을

난 약속해요 우리 손을 꼭 걸어요
행복한 기분이죠 눈부신 운명이죠
사랑의 향기에 취해보아요 영원히

아나요 그대는 느끼죠 그대도
가슴이 말하고 있는건 사랑이란걸요

들려요 이제는 보아요 이제는
꽃보다 더 아름다운 수줍은 마음을
오로지 난 그대만을 사랑합니다

Im so sorry if i’ve made mistakes on it, because im a newbie in hangeul class ^^. If you can’t read hangeul and still want to sing, you can visit here. And this is the translation.

Do You Know By Someday

When the blinding light
Of the morning comes
I open the eyes of love and sing
For only you

For you, I love you only you
Filled with my restless heart
With words smoother than the fragrant scent of coffee
I look towards you

Do you know darling?
I know you feel it too
The words of your heart is “love”
I hear it now
I see it now
This timid feeling that is more beautiful
Than any flower

Look towards me
Hold my hands tightly
Such a happy feeling,
Such a blinding fate
I smile at the scent of love

Whenever the wind blows
I gently close my eyes
And whisper a charm of love
So that you may feel my heart

Look into my eyes darling,
That is filled with my restless heart
As warm as a magical kiss
Please accept my feelings

Do you know darling?
I know you feel it too
The words of your heart is “love”
I hear it now
I see it now
This timid feeling that is more beautiful
Than any flower

I will promise
That our hands will always be together
Such a happy feeling,
Such a blinding future
Let’s get drunk off the scent of love

Do you know darling?
I know you feel it too
The words of your heart is “love”
I hear it now
I see it now
This timid feeling that is more beautiful
Than any flower

I love you and you alone

I got the translation from here. Okay, if you’re interested on it, just visit youtube.  Have a nice day all ^^.

Long Distance Relationship

Hmm, what should i write down over here? I just keep staring at my monitor and don’t know what to do, but i have many things to tell here hehehehe. Weird ^^

LDR, not that easy to keep moving on this term. But i have to face the truth, i must go far away from my bf’s side. It’s hard, but we’re still fine. For the first three months, we fought many times ahahaha. Maybe that was caused by the lack of communications and attentions. I was sulky frequently, umm maybe because i used to be spoiled to him and he’s not here around me anymore.

We have a relationship for 3 years, not a short time to build a relationship. Isn’t it?. We’re passing a terrible and hard time, especially he’s finishing his final paper and i can’t do anything to help him. It makes me feel guilty sometime, but i have to move here to work and learn to be independent.

To decrease the-intensity-of-fighting-time, we decided to increase our communications. He sends sms (because i feel too lazy to type on my cellphone hihihi), chat via YM, and he calls me everynight. And those things work. Then, I can see the positive points behind the-suck-LDR-things. Both of us can do many activities and have more-self-time, for example:

  • i can hang out with my friends
  • i can read many books
  • i can do women-activity (goes to beauty clinic hihihi)
  • he found his other talent, in photography ^^
  • he can finish his work faster, because i am not around to disturb him hihihi

Happiness is just a state of mind, likewise with the point of view. Behind the terrible things, you can get the positive points. Behind the good things, you can see the negativities. It would be better if we focus to reach our dreams and keep struggling this time, than think about something useless.

No matter how long the distance seperates us, as long as we have a same destination we will arrive in the same place.

Hail The Freedom Day

Yihaaa, i have a good news. Tomorrow will be the last day of C-Terrible-Programming-Class. Hihihihi. I love it. Basically, im interested to learn C or others programming languages, but not in this way (i cant tell you bout this). Im not a fast learner, and i need time to understand a thing.

To celebrate the freedom, i’ll watch movies, read novel and comics that i neglected during attendance the C Class. I expect nothing from the C final test, which will be held tomorrow. But i’ll give my effort on it.

Other news, i heard that Angel and Demon movie will be launched on May 15th. Im very very exited to watch it in movie theater even though i havent finished read the novel. It would be better if i watch it in XXI Cinema hihii.

The Cursed Songs

Yesterday, when i was going to office, i heard rrrrrrgggh (sorry i cant define it well) terrible songs in the bus. Those songs were Ungu’s and Wali’s. From the first time i heard it, i just said “are you kidding me? Do you want to sell this sucky product to us?”.

I really really cant believe that Ungu can make this kind of song. It’s so terrible. And Wali? OMG, if you dont have ability to make a good lyric, oh please dont ruin Indonesia’s music.

Since morning till time to go home, i got headache and Ungu’s song was spinning in my mind. Oh God help me. It made me sick.