A (Little Bit) Crazy Shopping Day

On this Saturday, my senior is going to get married. It means, i have to buy some woman-equipment that i need to be used in the ceremony. Me, Pinky and Mbak Lala decided to go to Plaza Semanggi on Sunday at 9 am. Because of my stupidity, that can’t understand what did mbak Lala say, it made us (me and mbak La) used an old bus and Pinky used a good one huhuhu.

After arrived in Semanggi and entered Centro, i was getting khilaf and start looking for a suit clothes for me. But we had to get breakfast first, and we ate in King Burger humm yummy ^^. While eating, my eyes stared at Starbucks, that located in front of King Burger. Long time didn’t visit Starbucks hihi.

We were full and ready to spend some money in Centro, and i knew that yesterday was the last day for sale-day there. Actually, it’s hard to find a good-looking clothes for my taste. But i found enough cute clothes there. I got a red clothe, a black-executive-pants. I paid it first, but still looked for informal clothes ^^. And finally i added my shopping bag with a white clothe and brown-warm jacket.

Sale sale ^^
Sale sale ^^

Shopping made us hungry. Pinky and i went to food court to buy tom yam. Hmm, so delicious. A glass of orange juice made my lunch complete ^^.  I had more energy to find hand bag and high heels hohoho.

Yep, finally at 3.34 PM, we (me and pinky, because mbak La joined with her college friends) decided to finish our shopping day. I succeeded to bring 2 full shopping bags ^^. And before left Semanggi, we closed the shopping day by drinking a glass of coffee from starbucks in a good-121A-bus^^.

I’ve passed a-very-nice-weekend.

iced coffee
iced coffee

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