Relationship Advice For Engaged Idealists

For you, love is the Alpha and Omega in life – you simply can’t be happy without it. No other type falls in love as quickly, strongly, and passionately. That has a lot to do with your limitless enthusiasm, and that does not only apply to things, but to people as well. When you love someone, you put him/her on a pedestal, surround him/her in a blaze of glory, and idealize him/her to the point that the people around you occasionally begin to doubt your soundness of mind.

Interestingly enough, you are normally blessed with excellent antennas for nuances. However, when you are in love, some systems appear to be defective: You won’t see a single spot on the white shining armor of your dream prince/princess, because you are convinced that he/she is a pure angel who fell from the clouds and landed right at your feet.

For the “target” of your affection, this passion is simply overwhelming. Who would not love to be raised into heaven, to be showered with your unconditional adoration and admiration? You court the partner of your choice with infinite imagination, empathy, and charm giving him/her no chance to resist. If you chose well, this can end in a long and happy relationship because you are a faithful and dedicate person who is willing to invest a lot into the partnership. In the long run, it is always given the most important priority in your life. As far as you are concerned, you entered a union for life, and you take nothing more seriously than the obliga-tion you took on out of love. Dedicated, you try tirelessly to divine your partner’s wishes before he/she is aware of them him/herself, and if at all possible, immediately satisfy them.

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