My (Another) Happy Sunday

Yap, after incident on the previous sunday, people keep asking “hari minggu pergi ke mana? sama siapa?”. Heuuu… *scream loudly, “MAAAASSSS TANGGUNG JAWAAAAAB!”*. Sigh, you left me here with a bunch of questions and curiosity *throwing remocon*.

Yesterday, i woke up late and decided to cancel my plan to go to Istiqlal. But i still went to JakSel to buy something. My first destination was Plaza Semanggi.

I looked for a clothes, i already drew the clothes in my mind before i go to find it. Unfortunately, after about 20 minutes in Centro, i found nothing. I decided to take a step to JCo *sluurp*. I’ve missed the doughnut anyway ^^. Ya ya, i knew i’m on diet program. Because of that, i just bought 2 doughnuts and ate them there. Oh God, the taste was so…..luscious. I relished each bite of them. Baca selebihnya »


To Make The World Better

When i walk alone in a crowd of human, i think about many things. And from me-and-myself-day on previous Sunday, i got this; i want to start doing something to make the world better, begins with simple and small things.

Let's do something

Here we go:

  1. I just bought a big bag two weeks ago. I bought it because i need a big one to put my big france books in it. I’ll use it every sunday, and it has to bring a good habit effect too. Sometimes when i go to Jakarta i’ll  buy something, and the seller or cashier will give me plastic. I don’t need the plastics anymore, because i can put it in my big bag and tell the cashier “mbak, ga usah diplastik ya”. This can reduce the usage of plastic bags.
  2. I’m annoyed because the lack of respect for each other and human contact. I rarely see people use these magic words;  “maaf”, “tolong”, “permisi”, and “trima kasih”. People stay busy with their own life , no more smile, no more greeting. And i dont want to be the part of them. I’ll try to smile, greet and use the magic words everyday ^^. Baca selebihnya »