My (Another) Happy Sunday

Yap, after incident on the previous sunday, people keep asking “hari minggu pergi ke mana? sama siapa?”. Heuuu… *scream loudly, “MAAAASSSS TANGGUNG JAWAAAAAB!”*. Sigh, you left me here with a bunch of questions and curiosity *throwing remocon*.

Yesterday, i woke up late and decided to cancel my plan to go to Istiqlal. But i still went to JakSel to buy something. My first destination was Plaza Semanggi.

I looked for a clothes, i already drew the clothes in my mind before i go to find it. Unfortunately, after about 20 minutes in Centro, i found nothing. I decided to take a step to JCo *sluurp*. I’ve missed the doughnut anyway ^^. Ya ya, i knew i’m on diet program. Because of that, i just bought 2 doughnuts and ate them there. Oh God, the taste was so…..luscious. I relished each bite of them.

Done with JCo, i moved to get my lunch. I chose Burger King and ordered errrr i forgot the name but i guess X-Tra Long Chicken blabla, with french fries and mineral water. Still, i was being a nice girl for didn’t order soft drink^^. Oh God, again, i adore you for the chef’s idea to make this delightful burger and french fries. I am so thankful *hunger detected* hihihi.

Valentine's Day

After finished the lunch, i went to my second destination, Grand Indonesia, to watch movie at Blitz Megaplex. Why Grand Indonesia? Because i know where the musholla is ^^.

For the first 10 minutes, i sat there and didn’t know what movie that i want to see. And finally i chose Valentine’s Day. Asthon Kutcher and Bradley Cooper were there *wide grin*! Umm next, i was entering Blitz studio and accompanied by a box of caramel popcorn hihii. Sssstt, don’t tell to my diet consultant gyahahahah…

The movie was nice and i had a lovely sunday with myself without strict diet’s rules and guilty feeling hihihi. But, i have a request to God “God, please don’t let Bradley to be a gay in this real life. Amen..”. You’re too hot nice to be a gay *big smile*.

Thanks God for blessing my sunday ^_____^.


10 pemikiran pada “My (Another) Happy Sunday

  1. previous sunday? hoooo i see i see *ngakak guling2*

    donat-burgerking-french fries-caramel popcorn… wew nice combination pit.
    aku aja ga bakalan abis tuh, harusnya kamu ga usah diet, meniru cara makanku aja 😀

    • sigh apa yang bikin kamu ngakak guling-guling? :))

      I didn’t eat them at a time *ngeles*. Kan tenaganya dipake jalan juga ahaha. GI gede lo, bisa bikin gempor :p

    • hahaha, sepertinya begitu. Padahal tadi malem yang notabene weekday, tetep nyolong-nyolong biar ga seberapa stres. Tapi keknya kalo ntar liat timbangan, jadi stres lagi wkakaka

Habis maen komen dong :D

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