Dimanche, le 7 Mars 2010 Avec Dear John

On the previous sunday (March 7th, 2010), i watched Dear John movie on Blitz Cineplex at Grand Indonesia Mall after finishing my french class. I was in a hurry while heading to GI, because i remembered that this movie will be played at 12.45 wib (and my french class finish at 12.00 wib). Soon after the taxi arrived at GI, i ran away and let Mas Aree paid the bill first :D.

I used lift to reach the 8th floor of GI. Unfortunately, the lift took me not as fast as it should be and i tried to keep calming myself huhuhu. Yap, i was too late to watch Dear John at the first schedule and i took the 2nd one.

While waiting the time to meet dearest Tatum, i had lunch at Tamani Express with Pinky and Mbak Dina, and i ordered steamed chicken hainan rice and risolle cheese mushroom.

Hainan rice and the hidden chicken ^^
Awfully yummy risolle

Looked at the melted cheese, so tempting ^^. Baca selebihnya »