Things That You Should Think About Before You Fall For A Foreigner

Lil bit weird? I don’t think so. I just post what i want, something that pass in my mind.

I wanna talk about this. Humm i think it’s a common thing, married to a foreigner and it will be nice to have cute-blue-green-shining-eyes-blesteran children indeed :lol:. But there are many things that you need to think about, before you decide to make a relationship with one of them.

Here we go, take a seat and be a nice reader ^^.

  1. Religion.
    For me, religion is the most important thing to build a household. I want my children grow up in a family which has a good religious circumstance. Husband not only becomes a leader for worldly things, but afterlife too. That’s why, it’s a must for my future couple has a same religion with me.
  2. Nationality.
    I don’t know much about this thing, but it will be another obstacle too. You must choose a nationality, yours or follow your couple. Think about this carefully, will you choose to be a foreigner at your own country and start to recognize your new national anthem and flag? But if you’re thinking this is not a big deal, go ahead to catch your love story dear ^^.

    The Red White
  3. Place to live.
    Ya i think there’s no place as nice as home, no matter how lovely the new place is. If you’re living abroad for a reason or duty, there will be a time that you’ll awfully miss anything that remind you with your hometown and smell of the wet soil ^^. Baca selebihnya »