To All Those Who Have Lost A Loved

Some people never realize that they’ve already made a gruesome mess, when they just so fu*king easily to enter and leave someone’s life. Do you know what happened to the his/her life? I am not sure if you care.

Ya, Raditya Dika wrote :

Falling in love is the most undemocratic feeling, because we can’t choose and refuse to care about someone.

moreover if unfortunately we fall for (’s easier if we call them) jerks. I don’t know what’s on earth when they do that thing, i mean it’s kind of the most unfair game if you’re playing with someone’s heart.

For an example, boy can say “ya, i love you, i care about you, please stay with me” or just simply “ya, i’ve crush on you” to a girl, and then another time he just abandons her feeling.

Okay, if he wants to blame her for doing the stupid thing; take too serious of what he said. She didn’t ask you to say it, right?

Maybe it will be easier if everything that he said just take place in her brain, not her heart. But most of the time, a simple and humdrum words could brighten up someone’s day and it could mean a lot.

What about if your sweet and poisonous words become her hope? Become her reason to stay alive? Or one of the source of her happiness?

Loving someone don’t like driving car on a road; if you take a wrong way, you can turn your car after you see the turning direction at the side of the road. I wish it could be that easy. God didn’t create backspace and delete buttons in our life for a reason.

So, please be wise while using your words. No need to spread your poisons all around. If you don’t have a plan to stay, be nice and don’t ruin someone’s life, stay away and shut your mouth. You can destroy her hope, and maybe it’s the last thing that she had. Even more if you don’t care and don’t want to take the responsibility of the scars that you’ve made.

There are only 2 things that can not be fixed by human: history and broken hearts. –#ihatequotes

P.S: This is for you hun. And hope it wont take long time to realize that i am the one who have the kicer disease :lol:.