Present For Myself

Yay I’d like to say thank you again to Air Asia for the nice and reachable ticket prices, so I can buy ticket for next year *keplok2*.

Actually this morning before I did my Subuh prayer, I opened the Air Asia’s site for no reason. Clicked the links to get some information about promo things and suddenly an idea appeared in my mind,

“How about to have a bday celebration in another country?”

And I did it, bought a ticket for my bday :D. I hope I can celebrate my bday outside Indonesia *amiiin thousand times*. It’s nice to give yourself a sweet and unusual present in your bday. But if you never did it before, I’ll suggest to make a try :).

And the last, thanks to Mbak Fai and Mbak Din for the companion hihihi. Can’t wait for the next year! *dance all around*

Picture taken from here.


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