And She Said (Repost)

Same with the previous one, I just repost this from my previous blog. But the difference is this one is not my own writing, someone wrote it.

And she said,
loneliness comes from your own self
but what do you know, I said,
my loneliness comes from you
in fact,
I’m lonely because you’re not coming
but I can’t tell her that
just the way that she can’t do the same
to me

And so we’re walking away
denying each other
drowning our heart into the sea, where
no one will ever hear its scream,
its questions
we become soulless dolls,
bound by the common thought of all people,
by predetermined luck, logic,

Why can’t I be with you,
I ask, to which she replies
yes, yes indeed,
why can’t you be with me?

Yet we’re fading away
each time further away from each other

I just love the way he wrote it.


Habis maen komen dong :D

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