Make The Waiting Time More Fun

Hi everybody, howdy? It took long time from my previous post to write again here, umm about one month I guess. So terrible indeed, because I do miss the time when I can write something here especially if it can give some useful information for you.

For the first, before I go forward, I’d like to say:

Happy Eid Mubarak, Bonne fete d’Idul Al-Fitr 1431H

And I’d like to ask forgiveness for every mistake that I’ve done, I hope we can meet ramadhan again.

After having experiences with delay and waiting time, I have some points that can be way to kill time while waiting. Here we go ^^:

  1. Make sure you’re in health condition, because if you’re sick you can feel more sick while waiting :D.
  2. Bring water and foods if you have to, because unpredictable waiting time can make you hungry . Sometimes in an occasion,it will be difficult to find food or canteen around you.
  3. Bring things that you love. From my experiences, I’ll make sure to bring 3 things with me before I left home: phone, book and mp3 player.
  4. With my phone, I can communicate with my friends and fams through sms, palringo, twitter or facebook from opera mini that installed on it. I also can read news, watch movies (even though it can’t display subtitles >.<) and listen to music ^^. If you’re using phone with windows mobile, you can play divx files on it by installing Core Player (it’s cool *wink* ).
  5. Most of the time, I bring novel with me to be a companion. Novel that I brought when I had to be patient with 2 hours delay from Sriwijaya Airline on previous Tuesday was Eat Pray Love.
  6. Songs will make my day brighter, so I’ll regret if I forget to bring my mp3 with me.
  7. You can bring your laptop (if it possible), and do many things with it.
  8. Sleep :D. It’s good idea, right?
Lovely things

Be creative while waiting ^^.


Habis maen komen dong :D

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