Blackout in My Head

Lately, something happened makes me worry bit about performance of my brain. I write rarely, one and half month just filled with (I can say it) physical activities made me nearly lack of brain nutrition (I was tired in Cikarang-Jakarta route for several times and thanks God I had quality time for a week with my family as a cure), and I read an english novel to add some vocabularies into my head.

Several days ago in the middle of writing a post, suddenly I went so hard to figure out a word. It took hours to find the word I meant. It led me to despair, I gave up and started asking for help. It happened twice and makes me start worrying what’s wrong with my brain, such a dread thing. Maybe I have to increase my quantity time to read and keep giving nutrition into my brain by learning and thinking (about valuable matters).

I think it’s included to a-graceful-way list to move on, focusing to increase our good value :D.

Picture taken from here.


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