How To Deal With 4 Languages At The Same Time?

In every Sunday, I join in a french class in CCF as a very very terrible beginner. Besides french is one of the UN languages, I find that french is an interesting thing to be learned.

I admit that I feel very tired because I have to wake up earlier on Sunday, my class started at 8 a.m. But I keep going and burying my laziness because I feel happy every time I’m in the class and learn something, and it makes my tiredness away.

My manager knew about this. He asked me why I don’t learn korean language (currently, I’m working at a korean company). So he gave me (and my friends in office) homework to memorize 200 basic korean vocabularies. And I’m the first person who will be tested.

Besides the things I mentioned above, about korean and french, I have to finish my job to translate countless strings from english to bahasa indonesia. And I find out that it’s difficult to use bahasa indonesia correctly (berbahasa indonesia yang baik dan benar).

So, my to do list are:

  1. Learning french intensively, because I have a final test on Nov 21th. Memorizing vocabularies and conjugations *bleeding brain*.
  2. Memorizing 10 korean vocabularies and its hangeul each day. I’ll give about 30 minutes every day for this thing.
  3. Finishing my english-indonesia translation, maybe about 500 lines to go.

I found this, an interesting article about the plus value if you have skill in foreign language(s).

Let’s do this happily \(^0^)/.

My boss sent an email to all member here:

사삐뜨리 한국어도 열심히 공부해요.

오늘도 좋은 하루 보내세요.

I’m still thinking my boss is jealous for knowing his employee (me, as an example) choose to learn french than korean :lol:.