How To Deal With 4 Languages At The Same Time?

In every Sunday, I join in a french class in CCF as a very very terrible beginner. Besides french is one of the UN languages, I find that french is an interesting thing to be learned.

I admit that I feel very tired because I have to wake up earlier on Sunday, my class started at 8 a.m. But I keep going and burying my laziness because I feel happy every time I’m in the class and learn something, and it makes my tiredness away.

My manager knew about this. He asked me why I don’t learn korean language (currently, I’m working at a korean company). So he gave me (and my friends in office) homework to memorize 200 basic korean vocabularies. And I’m the first person who will be tested.

Besides the things I mentioned above, about korean and french, I have to finish my job to translate countless strings from english to bahasa indonesia. And I find out that it’s difficult to use bahasa indonesia correctly (berbahasa indonesia yang baik dan benar).

So, my to do list are:

  1. Learning french intensively, because I have a final test on Nov 21th. Memorizing vocabularies and conjugations *bleeding brain*.
  2. Memorizing 10 korean vocabularies and its hangeul each day. I’ll give about 30 minutes every day for this thing.
  3. Finishing my english-indonesia translation, maybe about 500 lines to go.

I found this, an interesting article about the plus value if you have skill in foreign language(s).

Let’s do this happily \(^0^)/.

My boss sent an email to all member here:

사삐뜨리 한국어도 열심히 공부해요.

오늘도 좋은 하루 보내세요.

I’m still thinking my boss is jealous for knowing his employee (me, as an example) choose to learn french than korean :lol:.


7 pemikiran pada “How To Deal With 4 Languages At The Same Time?

  1. bisa disimpulkan, jadi ada kewajiban (atau mungkin setengah wajib) belajar bhs Korea ya gara2 kasusmu Mpit… btw, kita ini kok akhir2 ini jadi suruh ngapalin terus ya, kaya g ada kerjaan lain… ya bahasa lah, ya nama lah, dan 2-2nya belum ada yg kusentuh (sampai aku ngetik komen ini) -__-;


    • bukan gara2 aku Chocky, gara2 bosbes ga bisa baca problem list 😆 *lempar batu, cuci tangan*, makanya disuruh belajar bahasa korea.

      Aku masih melek jam segini, gara-gara belajar buat tes les dan bahasa bedebah itu >_<

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