Hi Arian, Are You There?

I’m a kind of person who like to find something interesting related with myself. So, in the middle of opening my French books, my fingers opened twitter and typed “@zodiacfacts” there ^^.

I do not think that the characteristics of people based on the zodiac is divination. Because it doesn’t tell me about my future at all, just kind of umm..common nature of people who born at the same period. That’s all. But, CMIIW. And maybe it can be a mirror,  reflects our flaws clearly :).

Here are the things that I’ve got from twitter, because I want to know more about Aries 😀 :

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries philosophically you are a visionary of grander, sweeping possibilities; and not one who gets locked into following.

#ZodiacFacts The contented #Aries is the person who comes to the realization that the battles to be fought are ultimately with your self.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries without a direction in which to go, or a without a cause to fight for, you would be quite lost and frustrated.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries your pioneering spirit will allow you to enjoy life more, because you avoid being pushed around by others.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries you could also be the one who encourages others to look at themselves in a new way.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries you might make a better idea person or motivator rather than one who is responsible for the follow through process.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries your best quality is that you are never afraid of a fight, a confrontation or the unknown.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries emotionally you are much more concerned about yourself.

#ZodiacFacts#Aries always love to win at everything and if the object of your desire gives up the challenge too soon.

#ZodiacFacts Many #Aries take to the adult world or the battlefield of life, to not expect anything without a challenge.

#ZodiacFacts An #Aries will see a streak of wanting to be left alone so they can do their own thing.

#ZodiacFacts#Aries have remarkable self-confidence, the vigor to do “whatever it takes” to succeed.

#ZodiacFacts#Aries persevere against the odds, and don’t take kindly to interference at all.

#ZodiacFacts Sometimes an #Aries can be too impulsive; it’s best they count to 10 before making any decisions.

#ZodiacFacts You will not find an #Aries man who doesn’t value perfection, honesty and power.

#ZodiacFacts An #Aries is so dependable that you can close your eyes and travel with them without hurting yourself.

#ZodiacFacts If you are a gorgeous #Aries lady then you are the right example to prove the fact that beauty and brain can go together.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries you are very typical in proposing your love ideas, which brings a charismatic trait in you.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries the prominent thing in you is not your physical qualities but your ever-enthusiastic nature.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries it’s also a sweet truth that life is simple and secured with you.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries you are the best person when your horns are removed. 😆

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries It is a universal truth that you are the most courageous and potential of the ZodiacSigns.

#ZodiacFacts The behavior of an #Aries is a mixture of super major responsibilities and loyalties.

#ZodiacFacts As a lover an #Aries always love to live a very secret life. With an #Aries sometimes you have to keep both eyes on them. *is it true?*

#ZodiacFacts As a young #Aries they always feel the impression of independentness and self satisfying.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries learn to know your demands in the relationship before you quickly get upset.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries be away from your jealous nature, realize your inner values and develop to the best of it.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries try to feel the pulls of the problems and then take action.

#ZodiacFacts If you find a person committed to some idealistic cause and angrily defending the underdog then it’s an #Aries.

#ZodiacFacts If you find it a little tough to take the lead in the conversation then you are communicating with an #Aries. gyahahah, I don’t think so *crossing fingers*

#ZodiacFacts#Aries problem : Difficulty feeling, bonding, or relating emotionally with others.

#ZodiacFacts An #Aries would rather go straight into fixing whatever is wrong.

#ZodiacFacts Since #Aries is the start of the zodiac, your sign is the sign of commencements.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries rising One of your main lessons will be two sides of the same coin.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries Along the way, you are sure to learn a lot about being a humble winner and a sore loser.

#ZodiacFacts An #Aries selfishness is usually a result of carelessness rather than intentional unkindness.

#ZodiacFacts#Aries have a tendency to allow their enthusiasm to exceed their actual ability.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries your always overflowing with schemes and plans to conquer the world. sounds like Hitler, and I found this after googling it.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries learn to control your emotions and not let anything and everyone make you upset.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries you must always strive to be large and broadminded, liberal, tolerant and not bigoted.

#ZodiacFacts An #Aries person is beyond shrewdness and fallacy and can never lie, not even to save their life.

#ZodiacFacts An #Aries is a good family person, although he or she does not especially like being at home a lot.

#ZodiacFacts#Aries Characteristics to avoid: haste, impetuousness, rashness, and over- aggresion.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries If they start something new it has to have completed previous action.

#ZodiacFacts#Aries Tip: to seek to be stable in what they take.

#ZodiacFacts#Aries are the impulsive, act first, ask questions or have doubts later, sign of the zodiac.

#ZodiacFacts An #Aries often travel to escape any feelings of being stuck or possessed.

#ZodiacFacts#Aries might see the world from a self-centered point of view, and that can make life with an #Aries a challenge.

#ZodiacFacts Along with the thrust outward, the #Aries drive is upward; in astrological terms the key word for Aries is “aspiration.”

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries faced with a problem, your reaction is not to withdraw and think it over, but plan carefully how to overcome it.

#ZodiacFacts One of the warmest and the most generous zodiac sign, #Aries always prefers fame to money. *because fame can bring you closer to money :lol:*

#ZodiacFacts On the plus side, an #Aries is honest, someone you can lean on, someone with whom you will always know where you stand. *but don’t take me for granted :D*

#ZodiacFacts If an #Aries likes you, he or she will have a hard time taking no for an answer. *:lol:, I suggest you, don’t ever try it*

#ZodiacFacts An #Aries will never let you know that they are hurt. *ouch, but I’ll stab on your chest :lol:*

#ZodiacFacts#Aries chase success, not waiting for it to fall in their lap, and don’t accept defeat. Failure can never keep them down. *dancing all around*

#ZodiacFacts#Aries rising is a very substantial rising sign. You like to be the leader even if you are leading just one person. Brasa mau nyebrangin nenek jompo..

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries You’re a thinker and doer not a watcher. You like to be seen no matter what even if it’s at church. *tepok jidat*

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries if you want to hang out with your friends, you are usually the one who picks the place, the time and the date. I rarely do this.

#ZodiacFacts As an #Aries, if you hate something boy do you hate it; if you like it, you love it. So what should I do? :p


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