I Got You

I dedicate this post for the person who being kind lately, be a nice companion to share some of my day stories, my idea, my silliness, etc. I am glad you’ve made a lot of improvement, you’re a good learner, and you’ve changed much.

So tell me, do I have reason for not talking to you?;) Being your inspiration is an honor. “You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” – By Paulo Coelho.

A place to crash, I got you
No need to ask, I got you
Just get on the phone, I got you
Come and pick you up if I have to

What’s weird about it is we’re right at the end
I’m mad about it, just figured it out in my head
I’m proud to say I got you

Go ahead and say goodbye, I’ll be alright
Go ahead and make me cry, I’ll be alright
And when you need a place to run to
For better, for worse I got you, I got you

Ain’t falling apart or bitter
Let’s be bigger than that and remember
The cooling outdoor when you’re all alone
Won’t survive it, no drama, no need for a show
Just wanna say I got you

‘Cause this is love and life
And nothing we can both control
And if it don’t feel right
You’re not losing me by letting me know

A place to crash, I got you
No need to ask, I got you


Keep walking, running and standing still to reach our dreams. Can’t wait to see what will happen to us in the next 5 years ^^.


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