Trouble is… A Gift

Nowadays, blogging time is such a precious time for me. I can’t tell how I miss to make a fiction story, or bring something here out of my brain. I miss to write until late at night, only to satisfy myself. Maybe this is my another random post because I have things on my mind.

I was a pessimist person, first I was in trouble I would cry and complain. I thought much, and I needed someone to be right beside me and said “everything will be okay, no matter what I’ll be here”. I bothered people around me, and I wasn’t a nice person, I wasn’t tough and I didn’t have a strong woman material. Until someday I realized, I couldn’t be the same person. I start doing things that I might not do in the past.

Troubles are the God’s way to make me go back to see Him and kneel, lay my head back down, lift my hands and pray. He touches me perfectly. I choose to believe that there is always a reason for everything and God wants me to learn than complain and make myself down or ask “Why me? Why God?”. Even though I still have anxiety that is often exaggerated, I keep trying to learn, crawl and walk again. When I am in trouble, I feel my quality of worship is more solemn and sincere. I admit that the concept of God and I am as His servant will be more pronounced when I am in trouble or when I’m grateful.

When problems come up and make you closer to God, could it called a disaster? Nope. Even though I worry, and thanks God for giving me nice friends and family, as long as I have faith in Him, I believe He will show me the beauty of His plan and my job is only to make it more clear in my view.

I follow several twitter accounts, I read their tweets and have found countless lesson and advice there, beside fun things of course. I can see how lucky I am, because out there many people don’t have things that I have.

All I can say is when we’re in trouble, maybe God gives us chance to miss Him, to be a nice servant and do nice things. Trouble is a gift, God chooses us because He loves us.

All we need is a little faith.


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