New Friends New Activities!

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

It’s definitely an important question for coloring our days. New communities, new activities are important to give us new experiences, environment, friends and knowledge for sure. And if you’re lucky, it will lead you to your passion 🙂

Me? I have at least two new communities. One of it you can read on my previous posting. Yes, Pertamina Runners. As you know from its name, it’s a community in my office to collect those who love to run. We train together, and attended some running races in Indonesia or abroad. Here we can support and enrich our information about things related with running activity such running apparels, injured treatment, race schedule, etc.

Pertamina Runners finisher 10K
Pertamina Runners finisher 10K

Another community is Pertamina Toastmaster. Even though until this far I never found our meeting were attended by more than fifteen members, but the environment was always exuberant. The senior members never judge when other make mistakes either in grammar or pronunciation. They are really supportive and wise. And I really have fun here, because they are so funny and the stories they told were interesting. I love for being here 🙂


From that activities, I get countless new friends and experiences (and bit injured leg)! ^^. So, how’s yours?


Habis maen komen dong :D

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