The Awesome Fairy Tale of Susan Boyle

Such a fairytale, the clip that i saw on youtube. Just awesome, wonderful!. This is amazed me and my ears ^_*. 47 years old woman, keep fighting to reach her biggest dream. It just makes me speechless..

Yap, it’s never too late to reach your dreams ^_*. Age is not the boundary.


Let’s Help Others

Morning all..

Thank you for reading this post. With humility, i would like to invite you to share our lucks, happiness and cheerfulness. Maybe, you haven’t found a way to give your charity to the right place. Hereby, i am glad to let you know this links (c3friend and YSDF) and hopefully we can do something for our unlucky brothers and sisters outside.

Just look at their sincere faces, which are filled with hope for you kindness and attentions. If you have time, just visit them. You can spend your time together for once, and you’ll want it much more :). Our burdens are nothing, you’ll get unsaid happiness ever.