My New Pals

I went to Mall Metropolitan Bekasi aka MM with my friends at my boarding house. We went there at 11 AM when the sun was shining brightly. I kept going there because i didn’t go to somewhere on my 1st and 2nd holiday. And on my 3rd day, i needed to go to office (and i told you that i love to do it although i needed more than 2 cups of coffee to make me awake ^_*).

The 1st plan, i accompanied Mas Gde to observe the price of Samsung i780 there and i want to buy JCO too (for a reason that i cant tell ^o^), and the 2nd plan was looking for a speaker hihihi (the cheap one for a good thing). And i got it all, both JCO and the speaker. This speaker completes my room and will accompany me to spend my night hehehe, so lovely.

In this afternoon, i got a packet and it’s labeled with jakartanotebook. It’s a surprise, hafiz bought a flashdisc and addressed it to my boarding house as a gift. I love it, simple thing but useful and lovable. It’ll save a lot of movies from my office ahahaha.

Now, late night already, i must take a rest because i will start my routine activities tomorow. Im so sleepy from waiting him to go home. He went to kondangan and now he’s dating with his boyfriend 😀 . I cant wait anymore. Gnite all.. Sleep tight..


In The Morning Sun

Sunday morning, im sitting down on the terrace. The sun appears and shed the light, give me warmth. The wind blows my face softly. What a beautiful life..

Today is the last day of my long weekend. I woke up earlier (at 6.30 am ^0^ ), and bring my laptop to the terrace. I want to sunbathe, and browse for songs on youtube. I get one beautiful song from Ricardo Munoz (again), the title is “In The Morning Sun”. I recommend you to listen this song ^^.

I love to wake up in the morning and breath in the fresh air. I can feel the might of God, the fineness of nature and sky. Outside, i can get better internet connection too ^_*.

Happy holiday everybody. I keep playing with my laptop and browsing, maybe i can find the way to join with a social community. One of my dream..