I Had A Dream

When I walked alone, I remembered that I ever had a dream. We’ve talked about that couple years ago.

Someday we’ll move to someplace outside our country. You said we need a good place for us, a green small town with great neighborhood, and i agreed. I could smell the green grasses around the house, and feel the fresh air in the morning at that time.

The park

Russell Lupins flowers
Yellow eyed penguin
Sunset of the city

I said I want to have a small shop, sell some Indonesian products. An awesome thing when I imagine the bules will come and buy those things. And you? Of course you’ll keep running your own business.

On the weekend, we will do vacation and bring meal that we prepared on the previous night. When we’re bored and need our-time, you’ll pick me up and we’ll walk along the edge of the street and find a nice place to enjoy ice cream and local cuisines.

But finally I woke up, and it was a beautiful dream that I ever had. We’ve ever had.

“Les rêves sont comme des étoiles. Vous ne pouvez pas les toucher, mais si vous les suivez, ils vous mèneront à votre destin.”

“Dreams are like stars. You can’t touch them, but if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny.”


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