Random Thoughts II

I want to write down things that make my brain space is almost full *crossing fingers*, not really full indeed I just want to write something here ^^. Well, when I think about a thing, most of the times I want to post it here because someday I can read it again. But I usually postpone it because of some reasons, and then I’ll lose it.

  1. Last night, I read this blog at a glance from its first post. Undoubted, it evoked memories from their peaceful grave. I realize I’ve passed many hard times, but I don’t see any purpose for holding the past but learning and taking its goodness to brighten my way ahead.
  2. “Time will heal” is not a gibberish. The first thing I have to do when healing is reconciles my brain with my heart. I’ll be in suffer if I can’t make peace between both of them, because many times they’ve found walk in an opposite directions. How could my feet walk properly if they’re heading to different path?
  3. I love myself. No matter what people say, they just able to show us about the flaws, we need to feel comfortable with it. Take good advices from them, but do not ever let anything bad traps you in a big pit of suffering. When they say you look fat, have dark skin, pimpled, say thanks because they pay attention to you ;). We’re not born to meet the satisfaction of others. If we don’t love and cheer ourselves, who else?
  4. Do something good and be your self. If you think you’re not smart, why you don’t start opening book and learning? If you think you’re not attractive, why you don’t try to smile and live your bright side? Sometimes whenever you don’t know, some people out there adore you and you’ve inspired them ^^. Hard to believe, eh? I don’t think so :p
  5. Don’t afraid to fail. If you hold your fear, you’ll never see the beauty of life and have rapturous stories for your children. Color of this world depends on the color you choose.
  6. If you in sorrow and want to cry, and the most fun thing couldn’t be the cure, let it out till your heart feels lighter. God has been being so great, He created tears for reasons. So, nothing wrong if we use it occasionally ;).
  7. If we keep doing not commendable things, it’s not a bad idea if we start remembering that we have an eternal life after this stopover.
  8. When I go back from office to my boarding house in Saturday night, I wonder why some girls doesn’t mind if their boyfriend ask them to talk at the edge of football field. If we don’t respect our self, then others would not.
  9. Sometimes we need to be spontaneous. The silliest thing that I ever did is the most memorable. You wont know the present, until you open the box ^^.

C’est la vie. Live your life with a big heart ^^.

Pictures taken from here.


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