I’m not talking about my job, I want to talk about my experience.

I thought back about my journey in the pass. I believe that everyone has their own tough time, the hard part to deal with. I’m a person who good in giving encouragement for myself, but I also had several hard times when I felt tired about something. When I did much to make things right but everything seemed wrong, when I walked so far and my skin burned by the sun but I felt further away from my direction and met a stalemate, they just led me toΒ  emptiness, despair.

The best thing that I’ve ever done was surrender. God is the best place to ask, to go back, to rely on, everything.

Many times I asked to myself, since I’m not a devout and religious person, the one who cross line often, will God listen to my prayer? Will Him help me and give me way out?

And I realized, I did something wrong.

God is like what we think about Him..

So when I meet tough time, I’ll come to Him and make an honest confession,

God, I know I’m not a devout one. I’m not the one who always think about You. I’m the one who often broke Your rules. But I don’t have better place than You. Here I’m, asking for help, Your affection. I just want to say something, I’m surrendering. Please forgive me for every bad thing I’ve done. There’s nothing I can do here to make things better than surrender to You.

Soon after that I’ll feel better, my burden is reduced.

Sometimes confession about my limitations as a human being, when the reality does not go as planned even though I’ve tried so hard to keep it on the line, gives me the best solution: surrender, resignation.


4 pemikiran pada “Resignation

    • It was a past ^^. Just want to share my experience. I think for every tough time I passed, I learn something..
      Amiiin2 for the prayer hehe. I hope I can put little smiles on people face πŸ˜€

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