Don’t You Feel Lonely Being a Single?

Last night, a friend of mine asked a question that surprised me:

Don’t you feel lonely being a single?

I laughed a lot :lol:.

I had been involved in my previous relationships for about 5,5 years. Being a single for last 1 year gives new experiences for me.

After passing through not less than 5 years with having someone at my side, it felt like do bungee jumping in my early life entering “single world”. Honestly I prepared some plans and the relationship ended screwing it up.

We can make plans, but God decides the rest.

I think we’re the only one who decides our direction, to feel sad or happy, to feel blessed or cursed. Soon after satisfied hanging myself in a bungee’s rope, I stood up and started a new life. I feel so excited, I make dreams that I never had  before, feel like flying high and realize there are things that I overlooked before (because I focused on my relationship and its package).

Being single or in a relationship, it depends on you to manage and take the positive points from each of those kind of status. By being single I can be more independent, free to decide many aspects in my life that related with career, dreams and plan of future without having any responsibility to another party except God, family, and myself.

By being single I never cry because a fight with my boyfriend (because I don’t have), I don’t have to ask permission or inform my activities, with whom I hangout, feel jealous or guilty because attracted to someone else.

But by being single, I don’t have someone to be the victim when my period comes 😆 *kidding*.

No matter what your status is, the only matter is how you control your life and fill your time with worthwhile activities :).
Some people say that love comes when you least expect it ^^.

11 pemikiran pada “Don’t You Feel Lonely Being a Single?

  1. agree on ur last sentence…
    … people say that love comes when you least expect it …
    ‘cos been there done that…

    saat mulai give up and decide to live the fullest without thinking about when will I met my soulmate/man/lover… he came… in a right moment…

    kalo kata orang kita
    …segala sesuatunya indah pada waktunya…

  2. Being single for about 26 years old,, I feel both blessed and cursed :)).. but never regret what does life give to me so far 😀

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