Letter For John

Dear John,

I know you’ve been so busy lately. It doesn’t matter for me, because I have whole time to learn how to be patient.

I’ve wrote countless letters, and you replied them. Thank you, because of that I could learn to write down my feeling and make stories that I can tell to my future children.

How are you, John? Are you doing well?

I can’t erase even a glance your smile, at the last time we met. You’re perfect without your trying. You’re my morning coffee, always succeed make the sun shines over my window even though storm makes roots far from their land.

Did you know that you’re my GPS? You showed me the right path when I was lost. And these times, I hope I can be your guide as well, so you don’t get lost until you come home.

You’re my cooking recipe book, make ingredient that I put always feel right and delicious.  You’re a flawless photograph object, I don’t even need to make a minor editing on your pictures.

I hope the breadcrumbs can lead you home or if they are gone, at least there are always stars that can replace them.

With the all warmth that I have,

Your home.


Habis maen komen dong :D

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