PostADay/PostAWeek Challenge

Here we go, I declare that I accept challenge from Mbak Nyun to be a participant in The Daily Post, one of WP program to encourage blogger to write more often on their blog. Keep your eyes open, Mbak :lol:.

Even though lately I’m not sure if I have some interesting stories to be told or shared here, I will put my best effort *halaaah, lebay* to participate in PostAWeek (but I will try in PostADay first until I can’t handle it anymore ^^).

So, if you want to join, here’s the rule:

  1. Post on your blog that you’re participating
  2. (You can grab a sample post here)
  3. Use the tag postaday2011 or postaweek2011 in your posts (tips ontagging here)
  4. Subscribe to dailypost – via email thru the sidebar, or via RSS. Only  then will you get reminders and inspiration every day

Interesting, huh? ^^

Happy blogging all ;).


There’s Always Goodness for Something That Happened

Yesterday, I can say that unpleasant thing happened to me. It made me feel sad, of course. Actually, it was an ancient problem that came up again because of my foolishness *tabok diri sendiri*.


I’m thankful for having problems, even though it doesn’t mean I’m happy for having them. I just want to learn to see from positive PoV (and keep working on it) for every unpleasant thing that comes in my life. Practice makes perfect, right? ^^

quite true LOL

When reality happens out of my prediction and makes me disappointed, I try (and have) to think there’s message and lesson behind that and God wants me to learn something from it.

This afternoon, someone who close with me, talked to me by ym and typed:

hey, I want to follow your step. Looking at your prof pic, I see you’re happy. I want to smile like that..

Honestly, I’m glad to read that ^^. It means I still can handle the unpleasant things that come and I wont let it ruin my days. And now, I’m realizing the advantage of having it; I can focus to learn and don’t waste my time just for false happiness :lol:.

Welcome saturday, the test day ^^. I have a good time to prepare myself better than before \(^0^)/. Let’s have fun first with this cute guys, and they are so funny ;).

Katanya mau belajar, jam segini kok masih ngeblog *tepok jidat* :lol:.

Homesick and Its Cures

Lately, I’m having homesick. Even though here I have many things to do, somehow when evening comes, I start missing my family *membik-membik*. Actually, when I was in Cikarang, I didn’t feel homesick that much. Maybe it’s caused by when I was there, I could arrange (at least) my visitation to my sister’s house in Jogja anytime.

Now, I don’t even know when I can meet my family. At least, until the next two months, I can’t go anywhere outside Jakarta, related with regulation that apply here. My oldest sister is pregnant, so she can’t be here too.

I think it’s not that easy to struggle with this kind of feeling. I have to be creative and keep thinking about its cures ^^, if I don’t want to die in crying *lebay*. So, here are several things that I do when I have homesick:

  • call or send messages to my family *terberkatilah dia yang menciptakan handphone*.
  • sleep or take a rest.
  • eat your favourite food or try something new.
  • go outside, do some exercises such running, or swimming.
  • watch movie in laptop or theater.
  • read books in a cozy place.
  • make jokes with friends.
  • and many other things ^^.

If those things don’t work on you, call me :lol:.