Woman and Career

Until this time, i am still confused about the boundaries of women emancipation, the issue that’s used by women to get the same right especially on career field. 21th April is commemorated as Kartini Day, the woman who fought for the women emancipation.

Previously, on Raden Ayu Kartini era, women didn’t have right to get a good education. They just stayed at home and belong to bedroom, kitchen and draw-well. You can read about Kartini on this link. I am writing this, just want to share my opinion, no offense. I just want to write something from my thought, as a woman.

Nowadays, many men are asking about the natural tendency of a woman, because there’re a lot of career women. Is it right to choose for being a career woman than being a housewife? I can’t give you a good answer, because it depends on the person and the situation. I’ll give you some reasons why i need to have my own job, especially my own earning.

  1. I need to have a community and environmental associations. I mean, if I just be a housewife, I can’t get much information and experiences about many things. In office, me and my friends can share our thought and vision about something.
  2. There’s no guarantee from my future husband to fulfill the household necessities. Then, I have to stand and support my (future) husband. I don’t want something bad to happen neither to my children nor my marriage that’s caused by my weak financial foundation.
  3. There’re already a lot of cases that bother me, a husband can leave his wife and children just for another or others woman. Nice case that scare me, some women are married by jerks. Then, the wife will be taking care of the children, and covering all of the needs including the education’s cost. What will happen if the wife doesn’t have a job?.
  4. If I have an earning, I can spend it to do many things without bothering my (future) husband earning that will be used to cover the household necessities. I don’t want to add burden on his solder to fund my shopping expenses.
  5. If I have a job from now on and keep it going, I can fight for reaching a better career and better earning. Then, when my children are growing up in the next several years, I already have a good job and earning, I hope. And, I can take care of them without the feeling of guilty or worry about their future.
  6. As long as I am single, I can help others or try to make my family happy with what I’ve got.

Yap, that’s all. But, it’s not right if a woman just focus to her career, and ignore her family.

Don’t go against the nature as a woman.


2 pemikiran pada “Woman and Career

  1. In my opinion, career women have good self esteem of themselves. I dont mean that they are more superior than housewives (i appreciate housewives too). The important point is, whatever they are, housewives or career women, all have their own rights and responsibilities as women.

  2. yeah, i am agree with you, Pink.. We have to prepare as well as possible for the worst part of our future.. Let’s save our money ahahahaha…

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