Remembering The Past

I believe everybody has their own things that lead them to remember something from the past, and suddenly can turn their mood into blue or otherwise can brighten up their day. Things that can make them happen; remembering the past or something important or special occasions, could be in various forms.

Honestly, i don’t know why i write this. So, don’t get me wrong. Because lately i am feeling disturbed by many opinions that come to me, trying to  judge what i feel inside. But, i can tell you, you guys were wrong with all of your statements that aimed to me. You know nothing about me.

So, what are the things that can make you recall the past? For me, these are the things.

  1. Songs. Ya, sometimes when i hear certain songs, they can drag me to the past when the moment happened. The songs from my current playlist that included in this “reminder” category are hmmm *let me check my playlist first*: Mad by Ne-Yo, James Morrison’s from Songs For You Truths For Me album, some soundtracks  from Boys Before Flowers (if you don’t know, it’s a korean drama title), Happily Never After by Nicole, The Freshmen by Verve Pipe, and many others :D.
  2. Perfumes. Ya, when i smell certain perfumes or fragrances, i can feel the person again and the things that we did at the time. It’s difficult for me to explain it. But i am sure, you ever had the same experiences too ^^.
  3. Places.  The places that we’ve ever visited also be an important thing for me when i am trying to recall the memory from the past.
  4. Rain. Yap, sometimes i hate rainy day. It will make me feel lonely (sometimes) and cheerless moreover if at the time i’ve missed someone. The feeling will become worst if i can’t tell the people what i feel inside ^^.
  5. Chat histories. If i am in a bad and very ugly mood, i’ll open my chat histories and read them again. Frankly, it works. Don’t take much time to draw a big smile on my face after i read them.

Humm maybe the things that i mentioned above are several things that most affect me, related with remembering the moments from the past. The rain outside has stopped, and my mood is turning yellow again ^^. So, smell ya later guys.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t lie to your heart! #ihatequotes


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