Everytime I see your smile, my heart can’t deny. It beats faster. My eyes can’t hide the truth, for adoring you. My lips can’t stop forming sweetest smile.

You, simply turn my whole gloomy mood become more colorful than a rainbow. Simply bring warmth in the middle of winter. Enough to make my heart blooms in autumn. Be the shelter when the rain comes down and brings the dark sky in my day. What kind of mantra that you use to hypnotize and take me away from my consciousness?

I am hypnotized. Again and again.

We’re separated by the ocean. But it’s not a reason for me to feel separated from you. Ah you’re too nice to be ignored.

Sorry for making you such a rain handler 😆


9 pemikiran pada “You

    • Huahahaha bener banget. Aku bacanya aja ngakak2, kebetulan masnya ga bisa bahasa indonesia. Makanya aku pake english..

      Ini emang tulisan mirip abg jaman sekarang, LABIL 😆

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