Rain can turn your mood to something you never expected before. Like this, I don’t have a plan to post something before, but suddenly I want to write something here sungguh labil ๐Ÿ˜†

Without any purpose, I heard this song “Gone By Matt Nathanson” on Jango and I clicked on Lyric button. And here, I copas-ed it:

I’m aching to believe
give me something real enough
give me somewhere to fall from

’cause in the dark
I can’t find my feet
built my world on promises
colorless and cold

I’m short of breath, I’m sure
gone, let it wash away the best I had
gone, and when I disappear
don’t expect me back, don’t expect me back

lost, sweetest things get lost
in the static far away
painted pictures of you
I fold
don’t want to be holy then
don’t want to be sold again
the way I was with you

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Habis maen komen dong :D

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