Homesick and Its Cures

Lately, I’m having homesick. Even though here I have many things to do, somehow when evening comes, I start missing my family *membik-membik*. Actually, when I was in Cikarang, I didn’t feel homesick that much. Maybe it’s caused by when I was there, I could arrange (at least) my visitation to my sister’s house in Jogja anytime.

Now, I don’t even know when I can meet my family. At least, until the next two months, I can’t go anywhere outside Jakarta, related with regulation that apply here. My oldest sister is pregnant, so she can’t be here too.

I think it’s not that easy to struggle with this kind of feeling. I have to be creative and keep thinking about its cures ^^, if I don’t want to die in crying *lebay*. So, here are several things that I do when I have homesick:

  • call or send messages to my family *terberkatilah dia yang menciptakan handphone*.
  • sleep or take a rest.
  • eat your favourite food or try something new.
  • go outside, do some exercises such running, or swimming.
  • watch movie in laptop or theater.
  • read books in a cozy place.
  • make jokes with friends.
  • and many other things ^^.

If those things don’t work on you, call me :lol:.


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