PostADay/PostAWeek Challenge

Here we go, I declare that I accept challenge from Mbak Nyun to be a participant in The Daily Post, one of WP program to encourage blogger to write more often on their blog. Keep your eyes open, Mbak :lol:.

Even though lately I’m not sure if I have some interesting stories to be told or shared here, I will put my best effort *halaaah, lebay* to participate in PostAWeek (but I will try in PostADay first until I can’t handle it anymore ^^).

So, if you want to join, here’s the rule:

  1. Post on your blog that you’re participating
  2. (You can grab a sample post here)
  3. Use the tag postaday2011 or postaweek2011 in your posts (tips ontagging here)
  4. Subscribe to dailypost – via email thru the sidebar, or via RSS. Only  then will you get reminders and inspiration every day

Interesting, huh? ^^

Happy blogging all ;).


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Habis maen komen dong :D

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