Celebrate Bday in CSS Batch II Way

Today is Dhanar’s birthday, one of my friend here from CSS. Related with limitation that we’ve had here, including money and access to go outside, so we only could sing “Happy Bday” song for him in the beginning of intensive english class this morning.

At nearly end of class, our class ended at 4.30 pm, we asked Mr B (our english lecturer) to bring us outside and learned in swimming pool area. As planned before, some friends of mine held the b’day boy and threw him to the pool ^^. Because we can’t get enough with one, so we found another victim to be thrown into pool too. Finally, we had 11 wet guys and gals ^^.

That was fun hihih.

And me? I held my phone and recorded the moment, so I could avoid myself from the water ;). Yeah, I think I feel blessed because I’ve found many lovely friends here. I really enjoy my quarantine time in PLC ^^.


4 pemikiran pada “Celebrate Bday in CSS Batch II Way

  1. buset dah… kesian tuh klo ga bisa renang 😀
    jadi inget dulu jaman kuliah klo ada yang ultah dimasukin ke danau depan kampus, ini masih mending dikolam renang airnya bersih.

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