Hold My Hand

I’d like to dedicate this song for everyone that I love, who already have known me since years ago or just for a while: my family, my dearest friends who spend their time to read this post, blog walker, and you.

Yes, you. I don’t want you feel lonely, without companion. I know that feeling wouldn’t make us feel comfortable at all.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Because I hate for being lonely and I hope there’s always someone or several people that care whatever my condition is, so here I’m with my urge to make you feel warmer dedicate this song for all of you :).

This life don’t last forever (hold my hand)
So tell me what we’re waitin for (hold my hand)
Better off being together (hold my hand)
Than being miserable alone (hold my hand)

Cause I’ve been there before
And you’ve been there before
But together we can be alright.
Cause when it gets dark and when it gets cold
We can just hold each other till we see the sunlight

So if you just hold my hand
Baby I promise that I’ll do all I can
Things will get better if you just hold my hand
Nothing can come in between us if you just hold, hold my, hold my, hold my hand.

The nights are getting darker (hold my hand)
And there’s no peace inside (hold my hand)
So why make our lives harder (hold my hand)
By fighting love, tonight.


3 pemikiran pada “Hold My Hand

  1. aq lagi overplayed lagu ini ni dari minggu kmren tapi versinya kurt ama j rice,,, ngiler lihat kurt main piano slruuuup *gragas 😀

Habis maen komen dong :D

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