“How old are you?” Don’t you think question about age should be categorized as “Forbidden question” number three after weight and status?

So, how old are you? If you feel difficult to count your age quickly, there’s only two possibilities:

  1. You hate math
  2. You’re aging, because your brain function is decreased so you feel difficult to count

Actually, there are three signs of old age. The first is your loss of memory. And… I forget the other two.

I hated for being called Bu. At the first time I heard that, felt like I want to kick that person. But lately I made peace with myself and accept any kind of salutations given “Safitri, Miss, Mbak, Bu, Aunty”, but still hard to being called “Budhe”. It makes me feel so old, as old as Prambanan Temple.


Let’s talk about loses in aging issue.

First, hair. At the age of 30 something, some people will say “I have white hair”, while some more will say “I have less hair”. I’m relieved since I wear hijab, I never face issue about bad-hair-day, because you never know whether I have hair or not inside. A friend of mine, he’s tall, good looking enough, has more than enough money, smart and we can say “perfect”, but still can’t grow his hair as dense as when he was teenager. And I believe “money can’t buy anything”. And I’m glad to know that.

Second, memory. For those who wear glasses, where’s the best place to find your lost glasses? When you’re hopeless because can’t find your glasses anywhere, I suggest you to stand in front of mirror, because it’s huge possibility you put it on your forehead!

Third, money. Some people spend their money to buy expensive anti-defying make up and anti-wrinkle creams, and believe they work. We just can’t win when you have a fight with aging; when you’re too old for pimples, then it will give you wrinkles. Back then, life is about choices, right?

Aging is a natural process. When younger people come and say you’re old, you can say that “Not everyone has chance to experience this awesome age. Because we can die anytime”. Watching countless seniors Toastmasters at TM International 2014 Convention made me realize that aging doesn’t matter as long as we live in meaningful way, spread goodness around the world, fulfill our dreams, and live an inspiring life.

Getting old isn’t disaster, as long as you know out there plenty of people aging and still being awesome like me!


Habis maen komen dong :D

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