Ways To Improve Your English Skill

Lately, many friends of mine start learning to improve their english. It’s a groovy thing to do. Looking at this phenomenon makes me thinking some ways that can be used to learn english gayly *why this word sounds gay. Are gays happy?*.

All of this thought is applicable and possible to do indeed hihi. You can add your ideas here too with leave some comments (if you want to) ^^.

  1. Listening western songs that use english. With this activity, you can improve your listening skill. Moreover while you’re reading the lyric, you can get some lessons too. This is an entertaining way to learn english.
  2. Watching a movie without subtitle or with english subtitle. You can get two lessons at a time, both of reading and listening skills. Choose your favorite movies to squire you while learning.
  3. Reading books. But i do this rarely, i dislike to read english language novels. Because it can mislead me to understand whole of the story. Ya ya, i am not too good in this case ^^.
  4. Compared with reading english language novels or books, i prefer to read english blogs. I love reading their experiences and getting pleasing information about some stuffs or thoughts.
  5. Getting involved with people outside Indonesia, make a friendship or relationship with them *ngakak*. You’ll push your self to improve your english because there’s no another way out to communicate with them. Dont feel shy or keep thinking you’ll embarasse your self while communicating with them, moreover if your partner doesn’t come from a country that use english as their mother tongue. You have to becareful while choosing a foreigner, choose a good and cute one ^^  (maybe both of you can meet your destiny and have a crush hihihi).
  6. Learning from english tutorial books or sites directly ewwww….
  7. Joining an english course which have native speakers.
  8. Making a small group with your friends and an agreement that you’ll learn together in some ways. You can practice speaking skill, share some advices and knowledges too. Don’t feel ashamed, keep in your mind that your friends are not better than you so you can feel more confident to express yourself.
Blah blah

Humm, let me think another option ^^. I just had these ideas so far.

Have a nice day all…


16 pemikiran pada “Ways To Improve Your English Skill

  1. As for me, playing a RPG game since junior high school is really helping me developed my vocabulary as well as my reading skill. Because if you cannot understand the text, you won’t be able to finish the game =))

  2. good post …
    we should accelerate the speaking practice if we want to speak fluently. So when will we continue the second practice? Because i think the first one ain’t gonna be the best time we had because of other “inhibitions” which made us unable to focus in practice. LOL

    I hope the best interactive for the next time.

    • gyahahah i agree with you definitely. Yah, soon it’s a must for us to realize our 2nd speaking session. I think we should bring about 2 questions each of us, and we’ll use it as our speaking theme ^^.

      We need to learn much before heading the execution day..

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