Things That You Should Think About Before You Fall For A Foreigner

Lil bit weird? I don’t think so. I just post what i want, something that pass in my mind.

I wanna talk about this. Humm i think it’s a common thing, married to a foreigner and it will be nice to have cute-blue-green-shining-eyes-blesteran children indeed :lol:. But there are many things that you need to think about, before you decide to make a relationship with one of them.

Here we go, take a seat and be a nice reader ^^.

  1. Religion.
    For me, religion is the most important thing to build a household. I want my children grow up in a family which has a good religious circumstance. Husband not only becomes a leader for worldly things, but afterlife too. That’s why, it’s a must for my future couple has a same religion with me.
  2. Nationality.
    I don’t know much about this thing, but it will be another obstacle too. You must choose a nationality, yours or follow your couple. Think about this carefully, will you choose to be a foreigner at your own country and start to recognize your new national anthem and flag? But if you’re thinking this is not a big deal, go ahead to catch your love story dear ^^.

    The Red White
  3. Place to live.
    Ya i think there’s no place as nice as home, no matter how lovely the new place is. If you’re living abroad for a reason or duty, there will be a time that you’ll awfully miss anything that remind you with your hometown and smell of the wet soil ^^.

    Sunset at Ujung Genteng (taken by Wawan)
  4. Language.
    Ya ya, i know we can use english as the language that can be understood together. But no matter how fluent your english is, you still prefer to talk in your mother tongue and get mad freely without any difficulties to express your furiosity that caused by lack of vocabularies ahahah. Moreover, think about how your parents and family communicate with him/her. How about if they’re not able to speak english? You need to find a way out :D. Will you be a translator all the time? Hihihi.. Moreover, how if you can’t communicate well due to language gap? 😆
  5. Culture and custom.
    There will be a lot of differences in habits, rules, custom and culture, moreover if both of you come from different clumps. Many things that allowed in an area, could be prohibited things in others place, and that means you’ll break the local rules. You’ve to spin your brain faster and harder to learn this matters.

    Face of Indonesia by Andi Lubis
  6. Food.
    Mom dishes always be the best food ever. If you’re a girl then you’ve to deal and face this fact: you must be able to make one or two of his favorite dishes from his place. You need to woo his mother to divulge her secret recipes indeed. Be nice to your prospective-mother-in-law to complete your effort in stealing her son’s heart :lol:. And my friend ever said that you’ll miss tempe so much if you must stay abroad for years ^^.

    Jajanan Pasar

Umm what else? I’ll add the other points later if they appear suddenly in my mind.

Anyway, this is just another of my thought, no offense ^^. Smell ya soon..


9 pemikiran pada “Things That You Should Think About Before You Fall For A Foreigner

  1. children.. what nationality will u gave them (if u choose not to change ur nationality), how to teach them using french, indonesian and javanese :D, and how to teach them to be brave and strong as a blasteran (bahasa inggrisnya apa ya?)..

    that’s all from me..

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