A Walk To Remember #1

I love documenting moments, because someday i’ll read this blog again and put a smile on my face while remembering the past.

This time i’d like to write down a short story from my dinner with Mbak Tiar, she treated me frankly ^^. I got a treat because i won the bet she made.

I ever said to her “Why, why i cant stop talking though i’ve to talk alone? “. And suddenly, maybe that time she felt bored and needed someone to cheer up the day, she said that she wants to make a deal with me. The deal was if i can keep shutting my mouth up for 1 hour, then she’ll treat me. Though i felt doubt to take the deal initially, i won the deal finally ^^.

At the early of weekdays, we decided to get dinner together on wednesday in Bekasi. We planned to find a-very-delicious dinner, because it’s a rare opportunity for us considering with our diet program >.<.

On the way, we realized that lately we didn’t share much heart-to-heart stories as before. And we started talking each other. When i am in my way to go to someplace, it will be the time that i use to think about something that i feel deep inside. I started our conversation, “how could this road is terribly bad, whereas much money flow everyday through it”. Talks continued to relationship theme, advices for both of us, some jokes until some of our future plans and dreams *alaaah sok-sokan wahahaha*.

We went to Mal Metropolitan Bekasi and decided to get dinner at Platinum. Auuuw, i couldn’t help my self and ordered some foods and hainan rice. The foods were soooooooo delightful, and we almost forgot about the diet program *evil laugh*. We couldn’t stop eating and saying “this is sooo terribly yummy”. You can figure out our happiness through these pictures :D.

Happy face I
Happy face II
Hungry face I
Hungry face II

Oh God, thanks for creating many great chefs in the world and save us from hunger ^^.

After paying the bill, we walked to Matahari to buy some girl stuff and been there until 9 PM. I realized it was already late at night soon after i felt sleepy hihih. Aaaaaand I asked Mbak Tiar to accompany me to buy JCO’s doughnut first before we go home *please don’t leave any comment according to this :p*.

The day was a pleasant evening indeed, sis ^^.

Someday if we’re not at a same place anymore or one of us is being trapped in a crap PMS time *why i mention this syndrome, Mbak Ti ahahahah?*, this could be a proof that we’ve ever had pleasant times together, right?


Keep learning how to be a nice wife (but you can’t beat me in doing a sweet thing i guess :p), Mbak Ti wahahahah and thanks for being one of my dustbin so far hihihi.. Pssst, we need to make a mess in office (again) with our Viva-la-Vida screaming *grin*.


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